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Our digital solutions, thoughtful innovation, and subject matter experts can help get you there. Additionally, ’ve filed hundreds of registrations to protect our client’s intellectual property and set up thousands of startups, watching them grow into massive and successful powerhouse companies. If you and your business partners agree to dissolve your business, there are several recommended steps, many of which a skilled attorney can assist you with. A Georgia business dissolution lawyer can help you efficiently terminate your company.
For us, it’s about the relationships, and it is personal — never merely business as usual. Kai Jacobs PA was born of its founder’s twenty-five years of extensive business litigation and counseling experience. In that time, he developed practices, procedures, and methods for helping clients get through the disconnect so often present between the law and the everyday needs of businesses and the people who work in them.
Whether you own a startup or a large business, success can be fleeting. It’s important to do everything in your power to improve your chances at a bright future. And that means working with a lawyer to prevent legal troubles. If you have dreams of owning a startup in Albuquerque or elsewhere in New Mexico, you need some help. Many startups fail to recognize the rules and regulations which govern them.
Veterans by providing negotiation coaching and legal advice solutions. Studies show companies lose 9.2% of contract value over a year. We systematically identify contract value leaks (such as auto-renewals and non-utilized or under-performing services) and provide solutions to boost profitability.
Explore firm management solutions that streamline tasks, provide timely and accurate business information, and connect all critical areas of law firm operations. The range of law services we offer is built upon many years of expertise gathered over more than 30 years of supporting the legal and business needs of our clients. We are a group of highly skilled tax attorneys, accounting professionals and experienced business strategists who have structured tax plans tailored to our client’s business and personal situations. Our team of expert Tax Consultants have designed over 6,000 tax plans for business owners in a multitude of industries across the country. We have clients in virtually every state and on average we’ve been able to permanently reduce their personal income tax liability by 30% to 40%.

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