Plant and Landscape Maintenance

Post-emergent nutsedge treatments are best applied for the first time this month (HLA-6420). Most bedding plants, summer flowering bulbs and annual flower seeds can be planted after danger of frost. Physical removal methods can be done by pulling or digging up in the spring and fall and can be done with a shovel or hand with the extraction of the root. Research must be done on any plant before it is introduced to the garden to insure there are no further issues with plants that become invasive. There are many websites that provide lists of plant species that are native to Cook County including the United States Department of Agriculture .
If you are interested in lawn care and maintenance services in Miami-Dade County and its surrounding communities, please contact the Casaplanta Landscape Division Team today. One trend that we are seeing is a rise in community gardens. With some homeowners wanting the ability to grow fruits or vegetables, some HOAs are now designating specific areas where people can come and have their own plot of land to grow what they wish. Often this includes irrigated, raised planting beds, that can be looked over and cared for by landscape professionals. If you are interested in creating beautiful outdoor spaces and utilizing environmentally responsible practices, we are a good fit for you. We recycle and reuse materials from projects, recommend native, low maintenance species, and use natural fertilizers and weed control methods.
However, it is a key one, as a well-irrigated, verdant swathe of turf makes a statement to anyone who sees it and shows that you really care about your outside space. During these visits we bring all the seeds, vegetable starts, tools, and amendments necessary to grow your garden to its fullest potential. We plant, tend, trellis, prune, and even harvest for you, keeping your garden productive and beautiful through every season. Aerate the area to allow better penetration of air and water to the grassroots. You can create small holes in the soil at equal intervals and depths using a garden fork or a special garden tool. Once you test your soil, you can decide on what nutrients you’re looking for in a fertilizer.
We service co-op buildings, condos, private homes, town houses, brownstones, corporate plazas, terraces, patios, museums and public spaces. Tell us about your project and get help from sponsored businesses.
You must meet the requirements of casual, minor or inconsequential work. You may do patch repair work to fill-in or even-out the lawn area for a regular maintenance customer. Either an LCB or a CCB license will allow you to perform this work. However, if you also want to plant trees, you must have an LCB license.
When the soil temperatures start rising in April, we apply a MicroLife hybrid formula designed to deliver further nutrients and nitrogen for the start of the growing season. Additionally, fleurs introduce a liquid fertilizer at this time and again in July. If you’ve never hired a lawn care service provider before, you may not know what to ask before you decide if they’re the right company for you.
We will always mow your lawn in a different direction each week. We will also weed-wack around areas mowers cannot reach, edge curb strips, spray to remove unwanted weeds, and clean property of all grass clippings. For an accurate weekly mowing quote use our FREE Instant Quote Feature!
There is another way to calculate efficiency aside from speed and volume. At a standard landscape maintenance company, you will typically be assigned a client account manager. That person may not possess horticultural expertise and may not necessarily be involved in weekly care. Typically, an account manager tends to focus on new sales and upgrades to existing contracts.

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