Preventing Water Damage In The Bathroom

Frequent use of water in the bathroom makes you extremely vulnerable to moisture build-up and possible water damage. By inspecting it regularly, you can reduce the damage caused by water.

The following series of inspections is easy to perform and should be done once every three months to keep the bathroom in good condition and avoid potential water damage from the bathtub, shower, pipe joints, and plumbing. , sinks, cabinets and the bathroom

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Be sure to perform these inspections and be thorough when performing them. Keep in mind that these simple inspections can save you a lot of money by providing early indications of water damage.

Bath and shower

The shower and bathtub require special attention and maintenance. Check the tiles and replace them if they are cracked. Make sure there is no grout between the tiles. Inspect and replace cracked sealant at joints where walls meet floor or tub. Clogged drains and pipes prevent the tub from drying out and can indicate serious problems under the tub. Consult a professional immediately to avoid structural damage. Be careful of discoloration or soft areas around the tub walls, as this may indicate an internal leak.

Hydraulic system

Signs of water damage are difficult to detect since most pipes are installed inside the walls.

Pay particular attention to moisture and stains on floors and walls, as they can indicate an invisible plumbing problem. Also check the humidity levels in adjacent rooms.

Sinks and Cabinets

Sinks and cabinets are exposed to moisture on a daily basis and are often neglected. Regularly inspect under the sink and on the counter above it. Repair any leaks in the trap as it can suggest drainage problems. Look around the sink, slow drain hoses can indicate a clogged drain. Replace the sink seals if they are broken or loose.

The bathroom

The toilet is a vulnerable water crossing. Check the water lines and look for leaks around the toilet seat, in the hose, and under the water tank. If you notice any signs of moisture on the floor around the toilet, check the toilet rim and tank seals for leaks.

Be aware that hanging toilet bowl fresheners increase the chances of clogging.

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